egg incubator

The Royal Adelaide Show Competition hosts an inventors' contest as well. The objective of this contest is to design and build a better incubator for eggs. The incubator should be designed so that the eggs are rolled twice a day so that they are completely exposed to light. Students can use their own creativity to complete the project. In addition, this project acquires the use of the students' science and engineering knowledge and practical skills.


Concept & Design

Each incubator must have the following functions:

  • Fully controlled by microcontroller. Microcontroller programming can be done by using CoreChart or ezCoreChart
  • Can maintain the temperature around 37°C to 38°C with an alarm system that will trigger if the temperature is out or range
  • Can maintain the humidity. Preferably between 55% and 80%
  • Have a roller/agitator system that can roll/change the position of the eggs. Students can use any method as long as it will not cause the eggs to break or crack
  • Housed in a transparent container or include a viewing window so eggs can be observed during


Additional features can be added as follows:

  • LCD display that can show the current temperature and humidity of the incubator
  • A timer that can allow:
    • Humidity change from 55% to 80% during the last 3 days before hatching

    • The egg(s) remain static during the final week of the incubation period

  • Backup Power Supply unit

Evaluation of the final product

  • Incubator must be completed before the contest and student will be given 3 hours to test their system and prepare before the evaluation by the judges

  • Each group must prepare a user manual that will also be evaluated by the judges
  • Incubator must have all the function needed such as:
    • Using a microcontroller system

    • Temperature sets around 37°C to 38°C

    • Humidity control

    • A safe and functional agitator/roller system

    • Alarm system to indicate when the temperature is out of range

  • Students must also prepare a short report that shows cost of each incubator and time needed (hours) to build the incubator.

These are official Royal Adelaide Show Competitions and competition registration must be made directly with the Royal Adelaide Show. The closing date for the registration is 22nd of July 2016 at 5pm