This competition will have separate categories for high school students and adults (including Tertiary Students).


This competition enables participants to showcase their creativity and innovation. Competitors are required to produce a commercially viable invention which performs tasks by programming microcontrollers using the simple ezSystem software. Topics could include animatronics, robotics, waste disposal, water/air/soil conservation, a watering system and many more.




The topics must demonstrate and add value to or improve the quality of life. They must also incorporate one of the following five themes:

  • Entertainment and Recreation
  • Environmental Issues
  • Agricultural Application
  • Manufacturing and Industrial Application
  • Energy and Transport


Competitors must present their control system, invention and enterprise with a 10 to 15 page A4 folio of work with a front title page advertising the innovation as a marketing tool.


Evaluation of the final product

  • A working invention must be displayed and activated in order to be evaluated by the judges.
  • A copy of the working program should be put on a USB or disk for any modification on the judging day if required.
  • Competitors must have a hard copy A4 folio or a presentation of the folio content on screen.
  • Competitors must be present at the Show on the judging dates to present their working model and program.


Competitors need to present:

  • The design brief.
  • A vision statement showing marketing and application as a business proposition.
  • The technology and systems used.
  • The materials used.
  • Graphics showing the principles of the design and innovation.
  • A print of the program.
  • A photo gallery of the invention working.


The closing date for the registration is 22nd of July 2016 at 5pm