eLabtronics Robotic Line Following Competition

This competition is limited to students from High Schools.

Basic Idea

This is a fun race! Each eRacer robot will be given one try to go as far and as fast as it can. The race track is a black project paper sheet mat with a white line twisting and turning from start to finish. The track starts out with gentle turns and then it gets more complex towards the finish. 

Robot Specifications

  • Robots must be self-operated.

Competition Rules

  • When a verbal command is given, the contestant will start his/her robot.
  • The robot cannot be controlled by or interfered with by the operator or anybody else during the competition.
  • A timer will be started when the verbal command is given.
  • The timer will be stopped if the robot leaves the line. The distance will be marked at the place where the robot left the line.
  • The timer will be stopped if the robot stops making forward progress. For example, if the robot turns and begins following the line in the opposite direction, the timer will be stopped and the distance turned around.
  • A three-minute time limit will be enforced.  If the robot has not completed the line in three minutes, the distance will be marked at the point where the robot is at that time.
  • The robot must go straight through any four-way intersections.  If the robot goes either right or left at a four-way intersection, the timer will be stopped and the distance will be marked.
  • The timer will be stopped when the robot crosses the finish line.
  • The winner will be declared as the robot that gets the farthermost along the track.  If more than one robot reaches the finish line, the winner will be the robot that completes the track in the shortest amount of time.

Hints and Tips

Our black paper has a shiny white line using white electrical tape.  If you are not using electrical tape to test your robot, you may need to change its configuration to detect our white line.