St Dominic's Priory College

St Dominic's Priory College Workshop University Mentors Helping St Dominic's Priory College Workshop St Dominic's Priory College Student Working On Her Project

St Dominic's Priory College recentely joined the STEMSEL family and have students ranging from years 5 - 9 attending our workshops. These students attend workshops after school from 3:30pm-5pm every Monday and have displayed the ability to work efficiently and swiftly in a short ammount of time.

Greenwith Primary School

Greenwith Primary School students have leap-frogged from globes, batteries and wires to learn design and technology to build a smart city controlled by microchips. Some parents of Primary School students called the eLabtronics STEMSEL workshops "Addictive and Phenomenal". The students are improving their knowledge and skills in electronics by creating their own award winning microchip projects. They also entered the 2013 Royal Adelaide Show competition and won a prize for their creative smart city project.

Goodwood Primary School

Two Year 7 students from Goodwood Primary School won first prize at the Oliphant Science Competition using ezSystem. They built and programmed a Talking Bin!

Henley High School

In 2010 the eLabtronics team discovered Henley High School student Marshall Tearle on Youtube. Marshall used the eLabtronics ezSystem elab16m controller to replace the RC black box controllers for his Tamiya Folk Lift Robot. The eLabtronics team and international university and high school students helped Marshall to exhibit his animatronic robots at the 2010 and 2011 Royal Adelaide Show. The robots became a major Royal Show attraction. The eLabtronics team has enabled Marshall to win prizes and robotic orders which could be the beginning of a STEMSEL micro-Technology Business for him. The school also had Teachers' Professional Development workshops with us.

Southern Montessori Primary School

A class of grade 5 students had workshop with us and they were enjoying learning ezSystem and building projects so much that the school bought 2 Inventors Tool kits and eRacer Robot Base for them so that they could enter the Line Following Robot competition in the Royal Adelaide Show