This competition is limited to students from High Schools.

Basic Idea

In this competition, the students will be using ezSystem (ezCircuit Designer and ezCoreChart), eLabtronics eRacer base and add remote control to play one-on-one robot soccer against other contestants. This is a test of the electronic, programming coordination skills and tactics of the students who control the robots. Expect exciting fast paced games!

Extra points and prizes award for best decorated soccer robot.

Robot Specifications

  • Wireless or wired remote control
  • ezSystem and eLabtronics eRacer base

Competition Rules

  • One-on-one matches
  • To score a goal, the ball must be pushed into the goal area.
  • The ball must stay in contact with the playing surface.
  • Soccer Robot cannot trap and hold the ball.
  • The match will consist of 5 rounds. The first to score three goals will proceed on.
  • A goal means the round is over.
  • No contact with the soccer robot once a round begins. 
  • Each round will be limited to two minutes.

Controlling the robot

  • eLabtronics shall be providing wireless remote controls that run on a particular frequency.

These are official Royal Adelaide Show Competitions and competition registration must be made directly with the Royal Adelaide Show.  For Information and registration form, go to the following links The closing date for the registration is 22nd of July 2016 at 5pm.