Science Week

Richards and Hari helping the kids with their projects

A workshop at Elizabeth downs Primary School was held as part of Science Week. The workshop was at-tended by students and teachers from 10 schools. Each school was represented by a teacher and a group of 6 children. They were all taught the im-portance of technological advancements for the ever developing world. The primary focus was to empow-er the children from these schools by educating them about programming and its benefits. They were in-troduced to microchips and given tasks on how to solve everyday problems that arise in farms. So, they came up with ideas to make the lives of farmers easier through technology. Their projects were all entered into the Royal Adelaide Show as entries. These en-tries would then be judged along with all the other competitors present at the show.

Miro, Richards and Hari Richards explaining to the children about the Importance of microcontrollers and programming All the participants intently listening to Richards as he talks about the works of Dr.Yunus A group photograph with all the children, Uni mentors and teachers at the con-clusion of the event