This competition is only open to high school students..

Aviation and avionics with assistance from STEMSEL circuitry. This competitions requires building and programming an unmanned aerial vehicle, that can be remote controlled or traverse a preprogrammed route. Extra points may be awarded for including some form of autonomy.

Competitors will be judged on:
  • A video of an automated flight (ie. preprogrammed course or use of sensors)
  • A video of remote controlled flight.
  • An automated display for the Royal show (this must be conducted without going airborne, for safety reasons.)
  • The quality of the build.
  • A working invention must be displayed and activated in order to be evaluated by the judges.
  • A copy of the working program should be put on a USB or disk for any modification on the judging day if required.
  • Competitors must have a hard copy A4 folio or a presentation of the folio content on screen.
  • Competitors must be present at the Show on the judging dates to present their working model and program.

Documentation should also be provided by competitor, and include:
  • The design brief.
  • The technology and systems used.
  • The materials used.
  • Graphics showing the principles of the design and innovation.
  • A print of the program.
These are official Royal Adelaide Show Competitions and competition registration must be made directly with the Royal Adelaide Show.  For Information and registration form, go to the following links.

Competition Program

Enter Online Here

The closing date for the registration is 22nd of July 2016 at 5pm.